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criteria- Student Visa 500 

If you need advice on what specific criteria apply to you - do not hesitate to contact us.

Immigration determine the exact requirements for the visa depending on:

  • Passport the student holds

  • Where the student will study

So, until we work that out, we can’t give you the exact requirements.  You can check on the Immigration website for the Student Visa 500 - DOCUMENT CHECKLIST TOOL.  

There are some general criteria that you do need to demonstrate that you can meet.  Under current Visa criteria there are three key things the Immigration officers consider when assessing a Student Visa application....

  1. Are you a Genuine student?

  • It is best that you study something related to previous studies and/or work experience, as well as your plans upon your return home after graduation. 

  • Ideally, your proposed studies should show a progression to a higher level.  E.g. If you have a Diploma, you need to go for a Bachelor.

  • Unless you have good reasons for going back to study at this point in your life, you should not have a gap of over 3 years since you last studied. 

  • Must meet the entry criteria – good English + good marks = better chance at getting a visa.  A good, strong IELTS and academic background helps show you are Genuine. 

  • You need to be aware that those aged over 35 years are treated with great suspicion, as it is not typical to start to study at that age. 

  • Support from your company to come here to study would be a great help.

  • Immigration will often interview a student to see if they know about what they will study (core subjects, electives, work experience...?) and where and why that option was best, and the outcomes they can expect from their studies.  So you need to prepare in great depth.  This is why we always let you know about your options, so you can make an informed choice, and later justify that choice to immigration. 


2. Are you a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)?

For you to demonstrate that you meet this Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria, you need to show that there are more things pulling you to go home, than to stay in Australia.  So, if you can demonstrate that you have a good comfortable life at home, that’s ideal e.g. ownership of property, business, previous overseas travel, need to caring for aging parents at a later stage etc. 

Direction 69 is a very useful document as it has been given to Case Officers by the Immigration Minister to brief them on the things they need to consider when deciding if an applicant is a GTE. If you read from page 4 - you will see the kinds of things that determine whether or not youa re a GTE, and this can be used for a Statement of Purpose where you will give all the evidence that shows a pull for you to go home. Immigration will be concerned if there is civil and political unrest in your country, so you will need to stack up even more evidence that you intend to go home. 

See Direction 69 - download here.

3. Demonstrate that an applicant has access to sufficient funds to cover costs for one year i.e. in AUD$...

You/your sponsor MAY be asked to show evidence of funds to cover the first year of your studies, depending on where you study and what passport you hold. You may need to show the following funds to apply for a visa (amounts you need to actually pay depend on the institution and course):


  • Tuition fees: - You need to show fees for one (1) year – depending on what and where you study.  Fees are paid by semester (i.e. each ½ year) Usually you prepay 1 semester before applying for the visa, so need to show that receipt plus funds to cover the rest of the year’s tuition fees.

  • Living expenses:      

    • Student AUD$19,830 

    • Spouse $6,940

    • Child $2,970

  • Return Airfares:        @ $2,000/person


Total:   If asked to show funds, you or your close family members need to be able to show funds sitting in a Bank account and kept there until the visa is granted


evidence that the combined family income is over AUD$60,000/year.

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