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Before contacting us, know our process and how we operate! From first-contact through to graduation, we will be by your side guiding you. This is a no-fee service, as long as your application is lodged through our office. To complete Steps 1 & 2 - please complete our Pre-Visa & GTE Checklist Form

1. Get more information from you - 
We care about your wellbeing throughout your study, and some factors that may affect this negatively is being in a course that is not right for your circumstances. We get all the information from you that we need to provide the best study advice possible - this includes your budget, goals and passions
2. Pre-visa checks -
In July 2016 a Simplified Streamlined Visa Framework (SSVF) was introduced as a requirement for all the universities and colleges we work with. This means we must ensure that you are a genuine student, genuine temporary entrant and you can cover study costs. For this to be satisfied as your education agent we need you to complete:
   a) Our Pre-Visa and GTE Checklist Form
3. English/IELTS test - 
If you are not from a native English speaking background, you need to take an IELTS or other English test. This is to ensure that you can keep up with your studies as Australian Education is delivered in English. Your results will determine if you meet the required English level for different courses (this includes English language courses!). We can give you information for booking and preparing for your exam! 
4. Assess Study Options -
As we would have more information about you, we can now present some options that would suit your budget, background, visa requirements and aims. After this step you are empowered to make a wise decision yourself, under our guidance, to what course is best for YOU.
5. Lodge application to study through our office -
Either by coming into our office or emailing us through the documents we can begin the application process. We will fill out the application with you, lodge it with the institution and monitor the progress. AS a guide, most intakes are Feb/March and July/August. We can give you a list of documents needed to lodge your application - (we will also be needing signed certified copies to be mailed/couriered/brought in to us so we can finalise the application.)
6. We get an OFFER OF PLACE - 
We receive a document from the university if your application is successful. This forms the basis of the contract between you and the institution.
7. Accepting the offer -
If you are comfortable with the offer (and can meet the conditions if it is a conditional offer) you pay and accept it. We will outline how to do this and help you through if there is anything that is confusing you. 
8. Receive e-CoE -  
We then get your Confirmation of Enrolment (e-CoE) form and guide you through the visa process 
9. Student Visa - 
You will then need to apply for a student visa - we have a Migration Agent that works along side us that can guide you here as well, however there will be a charge for this service. Please note that depending on circumstance, it can take 3+ months for the Student Visa to be granted
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