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Mutahir Tufil

Business Development - Sialkot

We are delighted to have Mutahir as Business Development Manager in our Sialkot office. Born and bred in a village near Sialkot, Mutahir ‘s family wanted the best for their bright and promising son. Despite coming from modest rural background, education was always highly valued in his family. Encouraged by his father who was a teacher, Mutahir proved himself to be a very good student, so his family made the necessary sacrifices to ensure they gave him the very best education they could afford. As a result, he completed his Intermediate from the very famous Murray College Sialkot, before taking up a Bachelor of Commerce in Punjab University, Lahore. Not content to stop at that, he went on to graduate with an MBA from Preston University, Islamabad in 2011.

His working life has been focused very much on customer service, sales and marketing. He brings with him a very wide social circle, and a talent for social media. But, always at the heart of everything Mutahir does, is his love for people, and his wish to assist them to make the very best of themselves. He is married and has two beautiful sons, who keep him grounded. He is very passionate about Sialkot, a city of entrepreneurs exporting to the world, and his village which has nurtured his love of nature and community.


Mutahir sees education and training as a transforming experience, not only for the individual, but also for their family and their community. He is proud to see so many students coming back to Sialkot after getting an overseas education, and going on to develop businesses based on what they have gathered during their time abroad

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