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Academic Qualifications:

  • Master of Arts in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Central South University, China, June 2016

  • Bachelor of Arts in English, Central South University, June 2013



Flora has been working as an education counselor after she graduated from Central South University, a prestigious Chinese university, with a master degree in Arts in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in June 2014. Her enthusiasm to assist students makes her always full of energy and devoted to her career. Having a deep insight into both the Chinese and Australian education system, Flora aims at working out personalized and customized study plans for students with the aspiration to study in Australia. Her profound understanding of the student`s background (both personal and educational) enables her to tailor the study plan for every student and give well-informed suggestions accordingly. Up to now, she has successfully helped hundreds of students to study aboard.

Flora believes that studying abroad is not the ultimate goal, but the beginning of a colorful life.

Flora Liu

Beijing Office Manager

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