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Empowering you to make wise decisions                       regarding your study in Australia

We recognise that the choices you make regarding international education and training are life changing.

We do not sell institutions, we provide unbiased solutions and options that will work best for you. 


Being one of the first Education Agents in Queensland, we offer you our 22+ years experience to help YOU understand the options open to you, make informed choices and navigate your way through the system to achieve a successful outcome. So, don’t get frustrated by hours on the internet trying to access the information you need. Let us guide you through the maze to find success!


Each year hundreds of international students are assisted by our professional counsellors. We can help you to identify your highest priorities, examine your study options, identify the best course for your particular needs, background and budget, and gain entry to your chosen program.

Best of all, our service is FREE! All that we ask is that you lodge your application for your education/training provider through our office. The school, college or university will then pay us to assist you successfully through each step of the process, so you don’t have to!



"I have been guided by IAE Study in Australia for the past four years and I am very happy with how I have been looked after. It has helped me greatly  to have professional guidance. I think this study path will help me in the future to have a good career. Thank you Riborg and your team! "

"Riborg’s team rock! They helped me find the right course at a new College when the college I was studying at closed down. I am very happy now, the stress has gone. Now my future is bright. I have recommended them to many of my friends."

Fabricio, BRAZIL

"What a team !! An example of competence, extreme commitment and high expertise level!! Definitely, I could not have made a better choice for my study application. Strongly recommend the high quality of services"


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