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Nabila Kanwal

Senior Student Counsellor

Having a background in law, journalism, sociology, and political science throughout her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, Nabila is currently a member of district bar association in Pakistan. Nabila is a seasoned academic, thoroughly understanding all facets of university and student life due to her extensive experience and top-level degrees.


With a passion for education, Nabila is excited to use her skills and knowledge to ensure a smooth study and visa process and awake the passion in Pakistani students who are seeking a degree from abroad. 

Prior to commencing at Study in Australia, Nabila was working for a law firm, practicing as an associate lawyer. Her past clientele included banks, market committees and families. She has previously thrived in Customer Service roles, working as an insurance sales consultant before completing her law degree. This experience has allowed Nabila to be fully equipped to work with people from different backgrounds, and assist in all technicalities including insurance, course selection, applications, and visas, when choosing studying abroad.

Nabila envisions the future of the Pakistan branch as one that will contribute to Pakistani society through careers-counselling, legal and visa advice and returning intelligent, capable international graduates who have qualifications on which they are able to build successful careers.

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