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Hilary Tjelder

Student Counsellor

With postgraduate qualifications and a background in teaching and business (accounting), Hilary is an asset to the IAE Study In Australia team. 

Understanding education as an educator gives a whole new level of insight into student counselling, and one which she draws on to deliver professional, first-class guidance. As a mother of two young children, she fully understands the importance of study and can empathise with our students who are studying internationally to create a better life for their children. . 

Hilary believes that the choice of study program should always lie with the student, and it must be an educated decision on their part with all options considered so that they make the best possible choice. 

There is no limit to the age of studying in Australia, and Hilary is our specialist for primary and secondary education options, as well as higher education after 8 years teaching at primary school level. 

Hilary is very well travelled internationally, having lived overseas she understands different cultures and how culture-shock may impact on your time in Australia. She prides herself in not only giving top-notch education advice, but also emotional guidance to students going through some of the downs of being in a foreign country.