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Amina Mirza

Student Counsellor/Legal Advisor

Amina Mirza is legal advisor/Student consultant in the Sialkot Office.  Amina graduated from Superior College with an LLB, which gave her a background not only in Law, but also in Humanities and Commerce.  She has also completed all the coursework for a Master of Laws, and now just needs to complete her thesis.  Amina admits that she was not always a conscientious student, but her father's untimely passing made her stop and re-evaluate her life and what she wanted to achieve. It was then that she realised that education is such an important  change agent, particularlyfor young women. Besides her increased focus on her studies, she also took on many family responsibilities,and became much more career oriented, as well. Besides choosing to step up as the result of her changed family circumstances, Amina says the other factor in her life which helped shape her was the experience of living away from home for two years during her studies. This experience forced her to develop independence, and she is keen to pass tips on to our students before they leave the love bubble of their families and venture off to study in Australia. 


Before joining  the Sialkot Office, Amina  worked in an IT-based company in Lahore as an operations coordinator. This experience helped her develop her client service skills, as well as preparing her to analyse financial documents which students are required to use to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to support their studies abroad. Amina is currently studying to become a PIER qualified Australian Education Consultant, and expects to be the second only Pakistani woman to achieve this accolade. These studies together with on the job training delivered within the office, and by the International staff and faculty of Australian institutions through webinars, has given Amina the confidence to work with students to recommend suitable study options from the very many institutions that the company represents. She loves mixing with, guiding and communicating with people from different backgrounds and cultures, which is part of her daily work. She has quickly evolved into a much valued member of our team in Sialkot. 

Besides family and work, Amina is a talented cook, and enjoys playing rackets, reading books, and traveling/outings. The three things she values most in her private and professional life include hard work, honesty,and loyalty, which makes her a perfect fit for our team. We are very excited to have a person of her calibre working with our students as we are confident that she will guide them as though they were a beloved sibling.